Organised by Spine Society of Bihar

29th, 30th April & 1st May 2022
Venue: Gyan Bhawan, Samrat Ashok Convention Centre, Patna





3rd Slab Registration Has been extended till 31st March 2022 | In order to ensure safety and well being of all attending delegates, faculty, accompanying persons and trade partners organising committee has taken a decision to allow only fully vaccinated delegates, faculty, accompanying persons and trade delegates to attend the event.

Video Session

  1. Guidelines to Presenter
    • The presenter should choose a subject of wider application.
    • Presentation should be in the mode of ‘How I do it’ and should cover- Indications - Pre Op. evaluation, needs for that particular operation. (Implants, instruments & alternatives)
    • It should be step by step, stop & start presentation (entertaining/explaining any question of the audience)
    • Post Op care & special precaution if any.
    • After treatment.
    • Possible – complications & their management during operation itself/later on.
    • Tips & tricks that may be of use.
    • Your experience about outcome.
    • Must show if you had any problem & failure (You are teacher & teaching, not showing your acumen)
    • Please permit distribution of CD of your presentation to the delegates.

  2. Video session
      The following Video presentation has also been consented & confirmed :-
    1. Correction of unacceptable kyphosis
      Dr. H.S. Chhabra
    2. Growth rod application
      Dr. Bhavuk Garg
    3. High grade spondyloptosis
      Dr. Appaji Krishnan
    4. Ossified Ligamentum Flavum
      Dr. Ajoy Shetty
    5. Thoracic disc herniation cervical Laminobplasty
      Dr.Saumyajeet Basu
    6. Difficult Problem of cervical spine
      Dr. Abumi, Japan
    7. Thoracic Lumbar fracture of spine
      Dr. Ram Chaddha
    8. Percutaneous pedicle screw technique
      Dr. Samir Dalvie
    9. Mini open TILF
      Dr. Rupindar Chahal
    10. Endoscopic spine surgery
      Dr. Pramod V. Lokhande
    11. Tubular discectomy
      Dr. Guru Raj
    12. Video of PSO for severe Rigid deformity
      Dr. Amit Jhala
    13. About 10 more slots available, please hurry!
      Free participation for all.

  3. Foreign faculty: followings have confirmed.
    1. Dr. Abumi
      Difficult cervical Problems - from Japan
    2. Dr. Alexandra R.Vaccaro
      Robotic in spine Surgery - form Sydney (Australia)
    3. Dr. Michael Fehlings
      (i) Degenerative cervicals/myelopathy state of art & future directions
      (ii)Role & Time of surgery in traumatic spinal cord injury

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